What are our goals?

Our tutoring or mentoring method is geared towards helping students build the skills that they need to succeed in life in a no-pressure environment. When a student enjoys time spent in the after school class, it can be expected that they will look forward to the experience every time.

It Works!

Everyone knows that grammar is important. But in the fast-paced world that we live in, grammar takes a back seat to on-hands speaking and conversation skills. Once the speaking skills are mastered, the grammatical details come naturally. Our main goal is to create confident, native level speakers, who are unafraid of speaking in public

How do we go about attaining our goals?

First of all, we identify the children’s needs. There are children who have a natural inclination for foreign languages, and others who tend to reject them. This is all a part of the natural order. However, with the right activities and interest level, even the reticent child will engage in the class. Everyone will have fun! Positive behavior will be strongly encouraged and the student will have a desire to participate in the activity through the knowledge that it’s mainly for fun!

Are we in line with current school practices?

In keeping with the new methodologies that are appearing in schools today, students will be encouraged to participate, engage and actively help each other. Activities will involve small group work, where the children learn to work towards a common goal. The class that is offered at Brilliant Future Academy will complement , not add to the work that they do in school from 9-5.

Mission Statement Brilliant Future Academy


To reach each child’s potential in the English language by immersing them in an environment of English-only activities.


To teach the student how to create an effective and interesting oral presentation.


To make each day of “class” a different experience catered to the age group of the student.


To help the student with areas and concepts of language that are especially difficult to grasp.


To insure that vocabulary is varied and current in keeping with the language and its idioms.


To create confident, open and eloquent speakers of the English language.


To expose the student to the vocabulary involved in drama, cinema, arts and crafts, cooking, current events, public speaking and debate.


To provide an atmosphere that is enjoyable and entertaining for all.