As we promised, tomorrow, November the 3rd, we will throw an opening party. We hope to see you at 5 p.m. at the Academy, in Plaza Valparaíso no. 2, so that we can have some snacks together and you get a glimpse of our worksite.

We’re open!

Last Thursday we threw our Opening party and enjoyed our partner Hazel’s marvellous cooking skills, along with the wonderful company of our friends and neighbours. We are very excited to have finally opened, and looking forward to start doing what w...

Xmas Workshops

Hello! We are pleased to announce that, due to the long weekend we have next week, we have prepared a series of workshops on December 9th so that, even there is no school, we can still have a productive and amusing morning. All workshops will be entirely ...

Galletas de gengibre

Last week we had a great time cooking a Christmas classic: a gingerbread man for each one of us! Easy to remember, its recipe allowed us to practice English with cooking materials, ingredients, measurements and controlling time. Plus, the cookies were ter...


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